Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for scripting

[DEPRECATED] Marathon makes it easy to write, run and manage your Swift scripts 🏃

WWDC 2019 video downloader script written in Swift - no external dependency.

Easily script with third-party Swift dependencies.

A scriptable scratchpad for developers. In slow yet steady progress.

A Swift framework for shell scripting.

A command line interface for your Swift scripts

Easily run shell commands from a Swift script or command line tool

A proof of concept scripting library for Swift

A command line tool to extract shared styles from a Sketch document, and generate native code for any platform....

Execute custom scripts from the MacOS context menu (CTRL+click) in Finder.

Interpreter framework for Lisp-based extension and scripting languages on macOS and iOS. LispKit is based on the R7RS standard for Scheme. Its compiler generates b...

A Swift Web Crawler 🕷

Swift script for renaming Xcode project

Build script that recursively searches for LICENSE files and generates a Settings.bundle friendly plist....

🚘 A simple tool for updating Carthage script phase

Let's make Swift scripting a reality.

Utilities and samples to aid in using Swift with the Scripting Bridge. If you want to automate tasks on your Mac, but don't like AppleScript, this is for you....

An executable that can be called from a Run Script Build Phase that makes comments such as // TODO: or // SERIOUS: appear in Xcode's Issue Navigator giving them pr...

Swift script to easily create Swift frameworks!

Script to easily create an iOS project base code!

Script to support easily using Xcode Asset Catalog in Swift.

A pre-build (Swift) script to alter your Xcode project at pre-build-time per environment, build configuration and target....

Music Client for macOS. Upgrade your music experience with themes, styles, custom scripting and more. Uses WebKit and JavaScript....

An OS X app that allows the easy conversion of scripts into full Mac apps

Swift Script: Get the fastest build times in Xcode. This repository accompanies my article linked here:...

A Port of Ruby Core api to Swift for Scripting

Evaluates and runs a Swift GYB script

Embed Ruby in Swift: load Gems, run scripts, call APIs seamlessly in both directions.

Scripting with Swift, Apple's new programming language.

Build script that generates a source file based on Xcode assets

Script Commands lets you tailor Raycast to your needs. Think of them as little productivity boosts throughout your day....

Universal Framework Script for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, or tvOS. It includes a lunatic example that has Objective-C Framework used in the SwiftUI project 🤯...

Powerful macOS menu bar customization tool

A command line tool for managing scripts and configurations in LLDB.

A set of scripts and helpers to generate your app's icon in SwiftUI

Script to generate plantuml class diagram from swift source code

A collection of example Swift scripts that can easily be run using Marathon

Useful Swift script to organize imports

Lint anything by combining the power of scripts & regular expressions.

An iOS & SwiftUI server monitor tool for linux based machines using remote proc file system with script execution....