Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for sdk

A smart and easy-to-use image masking and cutout SDK for mobile apps.

Integrate your iOS apps in Swift with Facebook Platform.

This repository has samples that demonstrate various aspects of the AWS SDK for iOS, you can get the SDK source on Github

:iphone: The Watson Swift SDK enables developers to quickly add Watson Cognitive Computing services to their Swift applications....

Provides a modern way of implementing LINE APIs.

The Swift SDK to work with the App Store Connect API from Apple.

Instagram API client written in Swift

Swift SDK for the Dropbox API v2.

In-app purchases and subscriptions made easy. iOS, MacOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and WatchOS support.

Swift SDK for AWS that works on Linux, macOS and iOS

The Waterwheel Swift SDK provides classes to natively connect iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS applications to Drupal 7 and 8....

Access Xcode Server API with native Swift objects.

Shopify’s Mobile Buy SDK makes it simple to sell physical products inside your mobile app. With a few lines of code, you can connect your app with the Shopify plat...

Matomo iOS, tvOS and macOS SDK: a Matomo tracker written in Swift

Official iOS (Swift) Tracking Library for Mixpanel Analytics

Swift samples demonstrating various capabilities of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS

Telegram Bot SDK for Swift (unofficial)

一款快速实现微信第三方登录的框架(Swift版) SDK 1.8.5

iOS Demo App using the DP3T SDK

Configurable consent SDK for iOS

A collaboration application built with the Twilio Video iOS SDK

Google's Cardboard SDK ported to Swift and iOS.

iOS Framework and examples for developing apps that utilize Wearable Devices. It handles connectivity, data interpretation and gesture recognition....

Native iOS app using DP^3T iOS sdk to handle Exposure Notification framework from Apple

Bluetooth mesh messaging SDK for apps

Swift toolkit for Auth0 API

Official iOS SDK for Stream Chat. Build your own chat experience for iOS.

The modern photo and video editor for your iPhone / iPad app. A fully customizable image & video editing iOS Swift framework....

Integrate bitcoin into your iOS application with Coinbase

No longer maintained.

Jitsi Meet SDK examples (Android and iOS)

iOS SDK for growing mobile in-app purchases