Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for stackview

A controller that uses a UIStackView and view controller composition to display content in a list

An easy way to create and layout UI components for iOS (Swift version).

🧩 Easy scrollable layouts in UIKit

Swift iOS and Mac OS X platforms currently in use the fastest the simplest development to build the UI layout automatically open source library, strong dynamic lay...

🔲 StackBarButtonItem can use BarButtonItem like StackView

iOS 9: Getting Started with UIStackView

Example app for an article on @alltheflow

A simple StackView to be used for Passcode or OTP fields. Completely customisable with separate classes and very easy to use. Just Drag and drop with 2 lines of co...

This project uses CoreAnimation to mimic StackView from iOS. I have used UIImageView as the Base View for Stack....

Example of a simple animation with StackView

Narrowed down reproduction of UIStackView hiding with animation bug

A simple and beautiful bar chart view for iOS powered by UIStackView. Written in Swift.

An extension to add separator views to UIStackView, written in Swift 4.0

Render photos and captions beautifully using UIStackView and UICollectionView in iOS 9 and Swift 2.1

Accompanying project for stack views talk at CocoaConf San Jose

How to create a drop down menu in Swift 4 with stackviews.

A first play with Swift 2's UIStackView

Simple StackView to TableView Transition

Cell highlight with UIScrollView and UIStackView

Demo app for UIStackView: distribution vs alignment

I <3 Stack Views and you should too...

Small library for assigning auto layout constraints using declarative Stack View / Flex-Box semantics in Swift....

How to size a UIStackView depending on its content

A UINavigationController like custom container view controller which provides fullscreen pan gesture support to POP and PUSH...

Card view(StackView) for iOS. Developed in swift.

FilterView component developed by Dev Core Team. In here you will find a tab-like view to filter content...

A scrollable UIStackView.

iOS 9: Getting Started with UIStackView

This is part of the DC UI libraries to handle a simple Stack view and Auto layout friendly Toast View...