Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for switch

:octocat: 🎚 RAMPaperSwitch is a Swift material design UI module which paints over the parent view when the switch is turned on. iOS library by @Ramotion...

Swift friendly localization and i18n with in-app language switching

Custom transition between two collection view layouts

An easy to use, customizable replacement for UISegmentedControl & UISwitch.

A handy tool for macOS allowing you to switch Fn keys' mode based on active application.

A powerful and easy to use segmented view (segmentedcontrol, pagingview, pagerview, pagecontrol, categoryview) (腾讯新闻、今日头条、QQ音乐、网易云音乐、京东、爱奇艺、腾讯视频、淘宝、天猫、简书、微博等所有主流AP...

Nicely animated flat design switch alternative to UISwitch

A macOS input source switcher with user-defined shortcuts.

iOS7 style drop in replacement for UISwitch

TransitionableTab makes it easy to animate when switching between tab.

Switch the right application ASAP.

macOS menu bar app that allows control over the gpu on dual gpu macbooks

Switch viewcontroller like ios task manager

iOS control to replicate the tab switcher in Safari for iOS.

An iOS app for switching between countries on the App Store with ease.

A rapid prototype of UISwitch built with Swift and PaintCode.

iOS 利用余弦函数特性实现可以居中放大的图片浏览工具

Application of macOS which switches Alphabet / Kana by pressing left and right command key alone. Other key remapping is also possible....

An OS X App which helps you easily switch AppleID in App Store & iTunes App.

An unintrusive & light-weight iOS app-theming library with support for animated theme switching.

A segment switcher with dynamic text mask effect

Automatically activate the correct input source.

Create your own faces for watchOS. Customize the watch hands, layout, colors, and images. Edit faces on your phone and switch them on the watch....

A custom TextField with a switchable icon which shows or hides the password and enforce good password policies...

UISwitch which paints over the parent view with the color in Swift.

An application for using in Alfred workflow to enumerate and switch between windows on OSX.

Swift - Custom UISwitcher with animation when change status

Automatic keyboard/input source switching for OSX

A macOS input source switcher with user-defined shortcuts.

The best command-line tool to install and switch between multiple versions of Xcode.

The easiest way to install and switch between multiple versions of Xcode - with a mouse click.

Switch your Mac's system theme based on the ambient light intensity.

Floating indicator, mimicrate to indicator which appear when silent mode turn on / off. Support large texts....