Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for tab

:octocat: RAMAnimatedTabBarController is a Swift UI module library for adding animation to iOS tabbar items and icons. iOS library made by @Ramotion...

:octocat: AdaptiveController is a 'Progressive Reduction' Swift UI module for adding custom states to Native or Custom iOS UI elements. Swift UI component by @Ramo...

™️ A powerful paging view controller with interactive indicator bars

This is a Review posting app that let user find interesting places near them

Simple timeline view implemented by UITableViewCell

Paging view controller and scroll tab view

:iphone: A simple iOS Swift project demonstrates how to implement collapsible table section.

Sample project demonstrating self-sizing table view cells in iOS 8 using Swift and Objective-C.

a TableView have thumbnail cell only, and you can use gesture let it expands other expansionView, all diy...

A no-nonsense way to write cleaner UITableViewDelegate and UITableViewDataSource in Swift.

Easily hide and show a view controller's navigation bar (and tab bar) as a user scrolls

Swipable tab and menu View and ViewController.

UITabBarController with swipe interaction between its tabs.

TransitionableTab makes it easy to animate when switching between tab.

One another nice animated tabbar

Type-safe declarative table views.

A simpler way to do cool UITableView animations! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Protocol-oriented solution to add quick cells rearrange/reorder to UITableView, written in Swift 2.2

A scroll pager that displays a list of tabs (segments) and manages paging between given views

A cells of UITableView can be rearranged by drag and drop.

A fun, easy-to-use tab bar navigation controller for iOS.

iOS control to replicate the tab switcher in Safari for iOS.

Custom TableView written in Swift where cells are scrolling in an arc defined by a BezierPath. Project even include classes for testing and constructing new Bezier...

Card-Style TabBarController for iOS

A simple way to create a UITableView for settings in Swift.