Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for transition

Elegant transition library for iOS & tvOS

Design and prototype customized UI, interaction, navigation, transition and animation for App Store ready Apps in Interface Builder with IBAnimatable....

Powerful and easy-to-use vector graphics Swift library with SVG support

A UICollectionViewLayout subclass that adds custom transitions/animations to the UICollectionView without effecting your existing code....

This component implements transition animation to crumble view-controller into tiny pieces.

A custom modal transition that presents and dismiss a controller with an expanding bubble effect.

Our Guillotine Menu Transitioning Animation implemented in Swift reminds a bit of a notorious killing machine....

Swift wrapper for custom ViewController presentations on iOS

Easy interactive interruptible custom ViewController transitions

Now playing controller from Apple Music, Mail & Podcasts Apple's apps.

Animated UIButton of Loading Animation and Transition Animation. Inspired by

A library to recreate the iOS Apple Music now playing transition

A UIKit custom transition that simulates an elastic drag. Written in Swift.

🌊 - Jelly is a library for animated, non-interactive & interactive viewcontroller transitions and presentations with the focus on a simple and yet flexible API....

Easier way to push your viewController.

Custom transition between two collection view layouts

:octocat: PreviewTransition is a simple preview gallery UI controller with animated tranisitions. Swift UI library made by @Ramotion...

This is a Swift based demo project to show how to make the transition Pinterest liked.

Cool wave like transition between two or more UICollectionView

A library used to create beautiful animations and transitions for iOS.

A label view for displaying numbers which can transition or animate using a technique called number tweening or number morphing....

A simple way to create custom interactive UIViewController transitions

UIButton sublass for loading and transition animation.

An iOS transition for controllers based on material design.

Interactive view transition to display menus with flowing and bouncing effects in Swift

A delightful way to transition between visual styles in your iOS applications.

Custom interactive view controller transition from one view to another view.

This is a selection of custom page controls to replace UIPageControl, inspired by a dribbble found here:

Beautiful and precise transitions between ViewControllers images written in Swift.

Now playing controller from Apple Music, Mail & Podcasts Apple's apps.

A simple but highly customizable UICollectionViewLayout for UICollectionView -- Simple SwiftUI views that let you make page-view effects....

Custom transition between controllers. Settings controller for your iOS app.

DrawerKit lets an UIViewController modally present another UIViewController in a manner similar to the way Apple's Maps app works....