Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for webserver

Secure Web Server for iOS, tvOS and macOS

Super lightweight async HTTP server library in pure Swift runs in iOS / MacOS / Linux

Super lightweight web framework in Swift based on SWSGI

A Hello World example of running Kitura on iOS

A network server and web development framework written in Swift.

Embassy example app for Linux

An authenticated Swift 4 + Vapor webserver and REST API + DB, and two iOS apps utilizing the API. Includes a ClientAPI for JS clients, with a populator.ts that pop...

A lightweight simple web server with a GUI.

Example using GCDWebserver to create a simple logging webapp from device

Simple Todo web app API built with Perfect web framework for Swift

Application designed to configure an external webserver for Wifi Use

MacOS Demo App into custome cell tableview and Called web service using Alamofire and SwiftyJSON

Simple WebServer with swift (iOS)

swift webServer exercize project

a Vapor webserver/CMS. learn by doing.

a modular Swift webserver interface

A simple HTTP Webserver written in swift

Minimal webserver on Swift. Uses 'Vapor' and 'Leaf' for backend.

Webserver written in Swift using PlanTCP

Just another Webserver running Swift & Vapor

Use Titan with any Nest-compatible webserver!

Changing led lights using RBPI, Java webserver and iOS app

Grabs your location and sends it json to webserver.

Creates and utilizes an OAuth2 implementation on your Perfect webserver

General purpose Swift extensions, types, functions etc. Part of the Swiftfire webserver project.

Example of iOS local server for downloading a sample file through that web server.

OSX Swift 3 Demo App to connect to a local webserver with a timer.

Language learning iOS app and NodeJS webserver created for university mobile technology module.

Send barcode to webserver and look at the web update in realtime.

Encrypt and decrypts twitter posts automatically when posted and viewed by friends. App connects to backend Django Webserver...