Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for yaml

A Swift command line tool for generating your Xcode project

Load YAML and JSON documents using Swift

OpenAPI/Swagger 3.0 Parser and Swift code generator

Define UI styles in a hot-reloadable yaml or json file

Templating, scaffolding and generation tool

Define your release steps ๐Ÿš€

Get strong typed, autocompleted resources, color swatches and font styles in Swift projects from a simple YAML stylesheet....

Yet Another Stylesheet (YAML-based Stylesheet Engine)

๐Ÿงช PotentCodables - A potent set of implementations and extensions to the Swift Codable system

Generates Swift and Kotlin code with your Localized strings

Render a Stencil template by using a JSON or Yaml data source

Templated code generation powered by Swift

Add Yaml response serializer to Alamofire

Na(t)ive YAML/JSON (de)serializer for Swift

Generate Localizable.strings from yaml (Work in progress)

Script to create newsletter for and list of tweets from .yaml

Attempt to use YAML conveniently from Swift and Objective-C.

Converts Basil .recipe files to Paprika YAML format.

CLI tool for parsing and generating analytics code based on a single YAML

A Swift code generator written to work along side PigeonPost.

An Swift Package for converting between YAML and the equivalent Foundation objects.

Yaml parser/emitter in Swift

Pure Swift implementation of YAML

A a simple swift web server i made it with SwiftLine and BlueSocket and a YAML library.

Framework for standardizing the handling of configuration data (default values, multi-layered config, etc). Supports JSON, YAML, and Dictionary backing layers....

An example of how to build a native iOS app with Codemagic CI/CD. Please see the codemagic.yaml file for a sample workflow configuration....

A Swift Package with yaml to json and vice versa conversion cli

An example of how to build an Ionic Capacitor app with Codemagic CI/CD. Please see the codemagic.yaml file for a sample workflow configuration....

Reading and writing in JSON, Plist, YAML and XML data made simple when the data format is not known at build time. Swift library and command-line tool....

Loading an image in our application.

iOS Common Architecture Template