Top Swift Frameworks & Libraries for zip

Swift framework for zipping and unzipping files.

Effortless ZIP Handling in Swift

A much faster version of JSONDecoder

Swift libcompression wrapper as an extension for the Data type (GZIP, ZLIB, LZFSE, LZMA, LZ4, deflate, RFC-1950, RFC-1951, RFC-1952)...

A Swift framework for working with compression, archives and containers.

A Caching Library is written in Swift that can cache JSON, Image, Zip or AnyObject with expiry date/TTYL and force refresh....

Mounts archives like disk images (macOS)

🗳A library to create, read and modify ZIP archive files, written in Swift.

Perfect Zip compression utility.

The cd companion utility you've always wanted

Swift library for manipulating postal codes.

It's a sample Skeleton for iOS project with some extra features such as moving image View in Startup scrollView. For using this project, you can simply Clone or d...

Swift wrapper for libzip — library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives.

Tool to generate auto-upgrade artifacts ( and Appcast.xml files) of your application using sparkle framework for macOS....

Ctrip Hybrid App Zip包解压更新策略Demo


A GYD template for producing ZipSequences of arbitrary arity.

A macOS app to help you from zip and delete zip file mess!

A helper tool to get the state and locality for a given zip code.

A simple iOS client for ZipBooks (

FileKit and ZipFoundation utility methods

The purpose of the library is to abstract the downloading (images, pdf, zip, etc) and caching of remote resources (images, JSON, XML, etc) in-memory....

This repo holds a project made for a Validating Zipcodes blog.

An example demonstrating zipping & unzipping files using Perfect.

Framework for reading ZIP files on iOS

Learn to create and consume Azure functions with Clippy

As technology continues to integrate into our social lives, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay in touch with local communities. ZipR provides an easy ac...

A ZIP library for Swift.

Reader for a zip file including only image files.

Pure Swift 2 Zip File Reader no dependencies

A Swift implementation of Parsing with Zippers.

iOS Swift example App for opening a .zip file / Ejemplo en Swift de una aplicación iOS para abrir un archivo .zip...

Zips through a tile pyramid, rendering single tiles while ensuring they get disk cached

A Mac command-line tool that automatically generates macOS Installer Disk Images, Packages and ZIP archives....

Quick Look Plugins for an archive file.

Flutter plugin for creating and extracting ZIP files.