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This project is a React app, which fetches data from a RESTful API, that I also developed. The purpose here was to create an expense tracker, so the users can use it to manage better their financial matters. There were two things that I liked the most while working on this one. The first was to use JsonWebToken to encrypt a user's persisted data in localStorage. The second was the error handling feature which made the app easier to use.


Final Capstone

Hello there! Welcome to Personal Expenses, your personal expenses managing application. The purpose of this project is to help people managing their expenses and achieving their personal financial goals.

This is a front-end application, which retrieves data from this API that I developed.


  • Register and login using only the username
  • Create and reset goals of how much money the user plans to expend
  • Track expenses and sort them into six different categories
  • Check a dashboard which summarizes the expenses into the categories
  • Check the history log which displays the expenses info




Built With


Getting started


Clone the repo with

Install packages with

  npm install

Start server with:

  npm start

Follow the instructions in this repo to start the local server.

Open http://localhost:3000/ in your favorite browser.

Run tests

  npm test


  • The first time you access the app you will have to create a username.

  • The next time you can login using that username.

  • Before adding expenses the application will require you to create a target.

  • After that all you have to do is add the expenses and you can check them out in the home and progress tabs.


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Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check the issues page

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šŸ“ License

This project is MIT licensed.