Research programming language for concurrent ownership


Project Verona is a research programming language to explore the concept of
concurrent ownership. We are providing a new concurrency model that seamlessly
integrates ownership.

This research project is at an early stage and is open sourced to facilitate
academic collaborations. We are keen to engage in research collaborations on
this project, please do reach out to discuss this.

The project is not ready to be used outside of research.


This project is at a very early stage, parts of the type checker are still to be
implemented, and there are very few language features implemented yet. This will
change, but will take time.

Nightly Build

System \ Build Type Release Debug ASAN+UBSAN+LSAN
Ubuntu 20.04 Clang 11 Build Status Build Status Build Status
Ubuntu 20.04 GCC 9 Build Status Build Status
Windows 10 MSVC 2019 Build Status Build Status
MacOS 10.14 Clang 11 Build Status Build Status

Syntax Highlight

Due to some amazing early contributors, we have syntax highlighting for the following editors:

Development Documents

Exploring the language




Internal Design

Warning: These documents are work-in-progress and may change without notice.