vue lazy background images

Lazy load background images for Vue 2


Lazy Background Images for Vue

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A simple Vue component for lazy loading background components.

This component is only for background images and does not support anything
other than that.


npm install --save-dev vue-lazy-background-images


Import the component

import VueLazyBackgroundImage from 'vue-lazy-background-images'

Register the component

Vue.component('lazy-background', VueLazyBackgroundImage)

And put into your DOM


And get this out

<div data-width="640" data-height="360" data-state="loaded" class="cam-viewport loaded" style="background-image: url(; background-size: cover"></div>

You can see the image-source in the above example is a computed property,
although it doesn’t have to be.

The callbacks in the above example are bound to data()

Width and height are for the image not the containing div.


  • image-source - The source of the desired image (required)
  • loading-image - Path to the loader image (png, svg etc) (required)
  • error-image - Path to the error image (required)
  • image-class - Any classes you wish to include on the image (optional)
  • background-size - CSS background-size value (optional, default is cover)
  • image-success-callback - Function on success (optional)
  • image-error-callback - Function on error (optional)


Knowing state

The component attaches its state as a class, as well as a data- attribute
called state

There are 3 states, loading, loaded, and error

There are no events that get emitted, you can access either the classlist or
the dataset to see what state your image is in.

Image size

There will be 2x data- attributes on your rendered - width and height which
is the dimensions of the actual image (not the rendered div)

Background size

This is cover by default although it can be overridden.


You can pass in events to trigger on success and failure. These are completely
optional and are not required for this to work.


Contributions welcome, as long as they are related to background images. Enjoy
the component