Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for animation

✨ Beautifully simple click-to-copy CSS effects

Render After Effects animations on Vue based on Bodymovin

Vue component to easily build (or use presets) SVG loading cards Facebook like.

Easily create complex interactive animations with Vue.js

An example that complex table interaction in Vue.js

Quickly integrate pretty checkbox components with Vue.js

A Vue.js port of the wonderful react-flip-toolkit by @aholachek

A small SVG animation illustrating a weather app notification in Vue

[CSS GPU Animation] Marquee Text for vuejs

Collaboration Platform for Animation Productions

A vue.js particles animation background component

Live Demo:

vue waterfall(瀑布流插件),自适应PC, 移动端,支持animation.css

Customizable gauge component with gradients and animations for VueJs

Demos for Vue.js amsterdam/roadtrip talk: State animations, getting them right

A vue component for better digital transform animation

Amazing collection of Vue spinners components with pure css.

Simple implementation of pomber/git-history using css transition animations based on Vue components

Harry Potter movies quiz. Experimenting with localStorage, SVG path animations and vue.observable

A simple hands-on mobile nested menu UI component with a smooth slide animation

Counter component inspired in Twitter with Vue

A flexible Vue wrapper for Animejs

A Vue component to Marquee. Just used CSS3 animation.

A component to flip elements with a nice transition.

My preloader collection using CSS Animation.

This is an example project for the following article:

🙋‍♀️ Image magic animation drawing effect component for Vue 2.x | 图像动态绘制效果

A vue adaptation of paper.js

Animation components for vue & vue bulma

Full client-side web app to make animation gif

A vue component to load images with a blur animation like the site Medium

Custom add to wishlist button with floating hearts animation

Vue-animate provides an easy way to use beautiful animations for your page. Ideal for hero style landing pages...

LottieFiles animations, in Vue.js!

:octocat: Several new animated variants of "Fork me on GitHub" or "View source on GitHub" link

This is a lightweight Vue 3 component made with TypeScript to quickly create an animation that shows an automatic count of any quantity in any duration, counting u...

Creating a navigation menu with animations like on Stripe

The desktop note project using electron13+vue3.x+ts has beautiful transition animation effects, stored locally in the form of rich text, and can open more input wi...