Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for calendar

A calendar components for Vue.js.

A collection of components that visualizes DaySpan Calendars and Schedules using Vuetify

[Deprecated] calendar and datepicker component with material design for Vue.js

VueJS component to select dates & time, including a range mode

A simple events calendar for Vue2, no dependencies except Vue2.

A Vue 2 & 3 full calendar, no dependency, no BS. :metal:

Simple Vue component to show a month-grid calendar with events

vue 2.x calendar component

📅 A calendar component for vue3.0. Support gesture sliding, range selection, according to the week switch......

Vue.js Functional Calendar | Component/Package

Full featured, responsive, lightweight calendar in the browser.

a vue component of calendar for mobile移动端vue日期选择组件

Alternative menubar calendar for OS X


Vue version of gantt-schedule-timeline-calendar


QCalendar - Quasar App Extension, Vue CLI plug-in and UMD distributions available

Infoboard showing time, weather, calendar events, photos from local folder or online sources as background and Transport for London status updates. Intended for Ra...

A lightweight calendar heatmap Vuejs component built on SVG, inspired by github's contribution calendar graph...

A full 12-Month view calendar made by vue.js.

Calendar scheduler component for VueJs

Not your ordinary datepicker. A Vuejs draggable date selector with a fresh responsive design, mobile ready and 0 dependencies, 17kb gzipped...

Full calendar base on Vue2 and momentjs.

A vue component for lunar calendar.

Use the magical power of VueJS and beauty of Twitter Bootstraps to create a powerful Calendar App

Office suite with file browser, document editor, spreadsheet editor, calendar and data tables with CRUDX API's ready to deploy...

Vue.js Functional Calendar | Component/Package

A web app for RPI students to manage their course load.