Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for charts

:bar_chart: adminLTE to vuejs v2.x converting project

📊 Vue.js component for ApexCharts

Gantt Chart [ javascript gantt chart, gantt component, vue gantt, vue gantt chart, responsive gantt, project manager , vue projects ]...

轻量级高性能MVVM Admin UI框架,Charts Collaopse Modal NavMenu Pagination ProgressBar Rating Timeline Toast

Base on Vue2.0 wrapper for ChartJs. (Deprecated)

A vue2 component to display tree chart

:bar_chart: Vue.js wrapper for sChart.js

Manage and publish your interactive organization chart (orgchart), 100% free and no install required: just copy a folder to any location...

It's a simple and direct organization chart plugin. Anytime you want a tree-like chart, you can turn to OrgChart....

A Vue 2 integration using Frappe Charts

📈 npm package statistics dashboard build with vue

flexible tree chart using Canvas and Svg, powered by D3.js

[Deprecated]A Vue.js project, base on vue-webpack template(vue 2.x and vue-router 2.x), with bulma, chart.js, font awesome, Weui. Aims to be a quick start for buil...

:chart: SIMON is powerful, flexible, open-source and easy to use machine learning knowledge discovery platform :computer:...

A Simple Dashboard Chart in Laravel Nova using Chart JS. Starting create your own dashboard with Chart JS Integration can save your time and help you maintain cons...

📊 📈 📉 Project using Quasar framework and ApexCharts.

Cryptocurrency Dashboard made with Vue

Chartjs component is based on chart.js for Vue Bulma

Vue Flowy makes creating flowchart or hierarchy chart functionality an easy task. Build automation software, mind mapping tools, organisation charts, or simple pro...

Dashblocks Vue Material Admin Template

Simple and lightweight vue chart component without using chart library dependencies

Vue.js Demos. jQWidgets Vue.js Components - Grids, Charts, Scheduling, Pivot Tables

Enable Analytics in your Apps

Vue components for d2b charts.

A interactive chart library based on vue and d3

A wrapper library for GaugeJS


🍩 Doughnut chart component for Vue.js, originally created by Greg Willson

Flow chart component based on Vue。vue flowchart

基于 Vue 和 AntV/G2 的可视化组件库 :chart_with_upwards_trend:

A simple and easy-to-use Gantt chart component for Vue.js

It helps parse Jesse's JSON backtest files with trades and shows in a convenient way with tables and charts....