Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for fullscreen

A standalone chat as overlay on windowed/windowed fullscreen applications.

A super simple Vue component that allows fullscreen and horizontal scroll snapping.

A perfectly looping image sequence player with fullscreen capabilities, built with mobile performance and keyboard accessibility in mind....

vue-slidePage is a fullscreen scrolling component of Vue.js

Pépin is a web image & video player with features like zoom, pan, comparisons, fullscreen, gapless videos playback, frame-by-frame scrubbing and annotations (shape...

a fullscreen search component for mobile application base on Vue.js & Weui

A lightweight fullscreen loading effect for vue

Lightweight & Simple vue js fullscreen carousel

Full page image alt layout for Bael Netlify CMS template


Simple, clean fullscreen cascading Vue.js component. Designed for sign up forms.


配合ant-design-vue 的全屏组件

A Full-screen clock application.

a fullscreen dialog component that's based on [element-ui](

Leaflet.fullscreen component for Vue2Leaflet

A very simple modal component only for full screen mode

White Label Explorer Kiosk - a boilerplate for clinical trial finder app. Best viewed at 1920 x 1080. Set browser to enter fullscreen on a large monitor or, if vie...

A component to add a fullscreen timer to your app

vue jsmpeg player demo. PC and Mobile fullscreen.

VueJS full screen backgroud Google Map on a given location


A simple Vue 3.x component for fullscreen, based on screenfull.

nuxt-fullpage is a nuxt module for creating fullscreen page scroll fast and simple.

Vue framework based on the comprehensive screen plug-in, can intelligent adaptation screen.

Plugin for notifying by toasts or fullscreen popup alerts