Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for icons

Replacement icons for popular apps in the style of macOS Big Sur

1000+ Pixel-perfect svg icons for your next project as Vue components

⚡️ Icon Explorer with Instant searching, powered by Iconify

Simply beautiful open source icons as Vue functional components.

An opinionated example of how to use SVG icons in a Vue.js application

Is a pack of more than 480 beautiful open source Eva icons as Vue components

a vue compoment for flag-icon-css

🎨 Clean animated status icons for your Vue project. Based on SweetAlert's status icons

Bytesize SVG icons as Vue functional components

Discover, collect & trade cryptographic icons

Find album cover, app icon, etc. Based on iTunes search API and Nuxt.

Taiwan (TW) Icon Fonts game.

vuejs2 AdminLte3 template more than 50 components and 10 directives.such as collapse ,sidebar,container,infobox,breadcrumb,card,grid,dropdown,toast,navbar,timelin...

A set of free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons for Vue.js development.

VueJS component for jam icons

An app to search & copy icons from the Tabler icons pack - a free to use library of over 500 high quality icons 😍...

Vue.js component for accessing Zondicon svg icons

Font Awesome Icon Picker Component For Vue.js

Open source icons (3d, Abstract, Emojis, Isometric) for your projects.

Pure CSS design of dynamic icon , & more

A simpler way to use font icons with NativeScript + Vue.js

Vue components for Geist icons

A flexible icon family for Vue

Created by google's material-design-icons with Vue 2.x inspired by @Justineo vue-awesome

CoreUI Icons for Vue.js. Dedicated component used to implement CoreUI Icons SVG set in Vue.js.

Animated chevron icon component for Vue

UI Toolkit powering accessible and inclusive digital experiences for Indian users

1100+ vector icons as easy to use Vue/Nuxt Components

vue组件—守望先锋加载动画图标(Overwatch Loading Icon component by Vue.js)

A TreeView component for vuejs

Simple Icons as Vue components

Flagpack contains 260+ easily implementable flag icons to use in your design or code project.

Icon gallery tool for Notion using icon8 material icons

This project contain a dashboard modern with a vuetify and vuejs and icon material with a some compenent...

A library of free open source icons for science illustrations in biology and chemistry

🍁 Show my LOVE for MapleStory over the years by building this website featuring the iconic items!

A light and Elegant theme for Slidev

A set of free MIT-licensed high-quality SVG icons for Vue.js development.

A cute MaterialDesignIcons icon picker for your web browser

Main package for storing ElementPlus icon resources.