Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for menu

🍔 An off-canvas sidebar Vue component -

Lightweight and simple to use vue component that highlights menu items as you scroll the page, also scrolling to target section when clicked....

A Vue.js Sidebar Menu Component

This is web navigation component base on vue2.0+. It can be used in both PC and mobile.

A schema-aware editor for JSON document. It provides a tree view to present the structure of JSON document, user could manipulate the JSON from context menu. It al...

Simple accordion menu component for Vue.js

基于Vue2.x的一套PC端UI组件,包括了Carousel 跑马灯、Cascader 级联、Checkbox 多选框、Collapse 折叠面板、DatePicker 日期选择、Dialog 对话框、Form 表单、Input 输入框、InputNumber 数字输入框、Layer 弹窗层、Loading 加载、Menu...

php + vue 微信公众号菜单管理 composer 包


📌 Simple context-menu component built for Vue. Works well with both left and right clicks. Nothing too fancy, just works and is simple to use....

🧭 A simple, pretty navbar for your Vue projects.

Vue 原生实现右键菜单组件, 零依赖

🎈Customizable floating menu for Vue


A Menu Builder for Laravel Nova

A simple example of implementing a slide menu using Vue.js 2 and Vue Router 3.

:cookie: Simplify Vue context menu component

:desktop_computer: UI file/toolbar menus for Vue apps

🍔 vue-burger-button is a functional component, which is faster than a regular component, and is pretty small (JS min+gzip is lower than 700b and CSS min+gzip is l...

vue-contextmenu 右键弹出菜单插件

A simple hands-on mobile nested menu UI component with a smooth slide animation

A nice looking filter menu that's always open.

Drag and Drop Recipe Menu Plan using Vue.js, Vuetify, and Vue.Draggable

Dropdown menu component for Vue

A collection of uPortal Web Components and JavaScript utilities

🍔 Animated Sidebar + Burger Menu Component example with Vue.Observable

Navigation tree menu component with nice integration with vue-router


A simple universal context menu for HTML elements.

Creating a navigation menu with animations like on Stripe