Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for migration

Migration from jekyll to vuejs & nuxt static site for personal purpose. Contributors welcome.

그누보드4 기반 웹사이트를 라라벨로 마이그레이션 하는데 필요한 도구 개발 프로젝트

Vue.js high imitation hungry Takeaway App course source, vue1 / vue2 version of the migration

Desktop app to migrate databases based on SQL files

A repository with two Web Apps that show a sealess migration from Firebase to GraphQL without losing any functionality...

Migration from Backbone.Marionette to Vuejs

Build your laravel migration files with convenient builder.

Check propagation of DNS records from one or many Name Servers. Useful for validating a DNS zone during migration....

This repo accompanies the blog post

基于 vue/cli 的老项目迁移项目

Projet web, migration depuis Gitlab

Aepp Token Migration Payload verification tool

Frontend for the Library Migration Recommendation Website

[WIP] Migration of Strapi documentation to a new repo, please don't use this yet

Homepage migration development. Operation and maintenance after introduction.

progress migration to vuex (learn)

Migrations Process Manager PoC

Generate Laravel migration files from SQL

Data Visualizations of Global Migration


Projet web, migration depuis Gitlab

Nuxt migration of tss-website

Organization website, vue migration

基于 vue/cli 的老项目迁移项目

App Vuejs que se encarga de darte código para agregar un Procedimiento. Ejemplo básico del manejo de Vuejs...

Zero-config, dependency-free, web-based database schema migration and version control tool for teams (MySQL for now, PostgreSQL later)...

This project is a demo for vue2 to vue3 migration tool vue-codemod.

migration of Audio Visualizer app to Vue 4 with Typescript support