Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for overlay

Full overlay loading with spinner for Vue

Horizontal FFXIV Miniparse Overlay

A native Vue.js lightbox component

ACT overlay for Final Fantasy XIV that shows your real-time skill sequences.

📼 A simple video header/section component for Vue. Good for video backgrounds and overlaying content on them....

A full development environment to build Overlay Apps for Muxy's Twitch Extension 'Overlay'.

A standalone chat as overlay on windowed/windowed fullscreen applications.

A simple 'alwaysOnTop' Twitch chat overlay useful for streaming

Apps and Components for Twitch Overlays

💴 Collection of overlays made by the TradingVueJs community

⚠️ Deprecated. A Vue.js implementation of @braid/griddle-scss with a toggleable visual overlay to help with your front-end development...

ed-void client application with overlay

Winning AEC Hackathon 2019 Silicon Valley Project. AR/VR Application for visualizing proposed buildings on their sites and overlaying environmental and zoning anal...

Spotify Now Playing Overlay for OBS & XSplit

DevTools for CasparCG templates and WebCG graphic overlays

Loading Spinners, Skeleton Cards, Loading Progress Bars, Overlays and more

A fully customisable Vue.js modal component.

A stream or recording overlay for Echo VR that can be used in OBS.

A simple application that show the different ways to use vue loading overlay plugin in your applications...

Full page screen loading for vuetify

「WIP」A horizon FFXIV miniparse overlay built with Vite & Vue 3 Composition API.

🧬 Data-driven OBS live stream overlays! (No longer maintained)

Overlay (popup) component for Vue.js

A simple, menu overlay for VueJS (2.x)

Custom full overlay loading with spinner for Vue. Select light or dark overlay and insert your spinner....

Fully customizable open source microphone widget to add voice interactions to your web app or website....

Vue based OBS overlay that works with the streambot.

Force Lead Organized Overlay

Solari (Split-Flap) Board created in VueJS, for broadcasters to use on an an Overlay in their broadcast software...

A Pi webcam plugin for the Duet Web Control. Allows real-time camera streaming, full-screen with customizable overlays, and time lapse functions....

A screen overlay filter that might help people affected by the visual snow syndrome

「WIP」A horizon FFXIV miniparse overlay built with Vite & Vue 3 Composition API.

A simple but feature-rich Hypixel Bed Wars anti-sniping overlay

OBS 🐸. Dota2 Automatic Overlays for streamers!