Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for payment

See readme for newer repo details! A sample shop that shows how to manage payments with Vue, Stripe, and Serverless Functions...

Airline Booking is a sample web application that provides Flight Search, Flight Payment, Flight Booking and Loyalty points including end-to-end testing, GraphQL an...

Paystack Vue Plugin for Vue 2.X

An embedded and inline PaySuper payment form widget. Please, do not use this module directly, use paysuper-js-sdk instead....

Shopping site using vue.js and firebase(no payment setting)

Stripe payments with Vue and Flask

Stripe payment module for Vue Storefront

An example of using Vue.js with the Square payment form

In-store payment requests in XRP (using Ripple URI QR) - With currency converter

Klarna Checkout for Vue Storefront

Easily make & receive Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments on the web using your Casa Node.

Adyen payment module for Vue Storefront

A Web Application to track mobile payments

Mollie Payments API integration for Vue Storefront with Magento 2 as backend system.

Vue.js application for accepting Bitcoin Lightning payments, using the OpenNode API, and notifying the iozeta CryptoVend....

A Vue.js component that displays a reactive credit card preview for payment forms.

Libra Merchant with QR Payment

Vue Storefront module for payment service

Beginner project for the payment plan website front-end

Integrating razorpay payment gateway in Vue.js app using Firebase

Laravel (5.5)+Vue.js +Admin template - CoreUI, QuickPay payment system

My first E-Commerce app with [Firebase - Stripe payment and more]

Gasless ERC20 payments demo using Loom Plasmachain

A simple digital password control, similar to the payment password

Accept payments on your Vue.js/Express-based website with cards, wallets, and key local payment methods...

An Ecommerce Boilerplate made with Vuejs And Vuetify intrgrated with Firebase and Stripe Payments

Full stack Cinema website with payment, movies API and booking system

A fake company's payment page.

QR Payment Web App (developed by Rails/Vue.js/

An open source membership, access and payments portal.

🌕🌑 Privacy Preserving Shielded Payments On The Ethereum Blockchain

Vue.js application for accepting SLP Token payments, using the BitBox API, and notifying the iozeta CryptoVend for vending machines....

Ethereum Payment Service for GitHub Users

Stripe Checkout & Elements for Vue.js

🛍 A Tested E-Commerce Site with Stripe payment

第三方接口实现。如:支付、推送、短信等等(Third party interface implementation. Such as: payment, push, SMS and so on)

Ethereum payment service, bounty platform and governance system for projects on GitHub