Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for persistence

Pomodoro timer with local persistence

Vue form synchronization & persistence with Vue + Firebase.

Payment of disbursement to vendors for small businesses using Paystack as a payment processor and Firebase for authentication and persistence...

Vuex Persistence Storage with Secure LS

Persistence in localstorage with nuxtjs and purejs

A Vue showcase app that utilizes vuetify and vuex-persistence

Vuejs CRUD con vuex y vuex-persistence, vue-router, axios y vue-axios, vuelidate/json-server

Simple app to allow users to track Studio Ghibli films they have watched. No data persistence.

A to-do list with Nuxt and Vuetify, with reorder, search and persistence

Exercício de criação de agenda com utilização de Vuex e Vuex Persistence

A simple todo app built with Vue and local storage for persistence

A to do list application built using Vue.js, styled with Bulma, with localStorage-based persistence....

Contact book with weather and distance information built on Javascript/VueJS and Google Firebase for persistence....

a Todo list app created with Vue, video background and persistence with local storage.

A UI build around scikit's ripser module to provide more insight into persistence cohomology.

An education focused app that allows students to view learning resources, sit exams and view past performance stats online. Includes user profiles with authenticat...

ToDo made with VueJS and persistence data in LocalStorage

The beginnings of a fullstack blogging platform, currently using Axios, Express.js, Vue.js (Vue-Router too) and Node.js. MongoDB still to be added for data persist...

Persistence in localstorage with nuxtjs and purejs

Msc in Web Technologies - Mobile Applications Development - Socialise - A student hangout app, built using Ionic and Vue.js. Written in Typescript/Javascript. Fire...

Kanban task board using Vuejs using localStorage for data persistence

Include Spring( for Service) SpringMVC,(for Controller) Mybatis( for Persistence)

:pencil2: A note taking app built with Vue.js and localStorage data persistence.

Simple chat app with persistence and no sign-on