Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for qr code

🤔 A Vue component to draw QR codes using Qrious.

Create QR codes with a simple Vue component

Vue component to scan QR codes

Working Demo of Barcode/QR code scanner using VueJs+Quasaar+Cordova

Web App to create 3d-printable QR-Codes

A Vue.js set of components to scan barcodes and QR codes.

QR Code generator for Yi Cameras

UI project of awesome QR code

A Vue.js based QR Code scanner component, allowing you to detect and decode QR codes without leaving the browser....

🔗 lets you create QR-Codes and shortened URLs from any link quickly and easily

A PWA for generating PromptPay QR code and split your bill

a laravel nova field to decode qr code and display it

QR code with logo component for Vue.js.

Web software for construction companies and workshops to track tools and assets movement. Planned functionallity: tools list in storage houses, tools reservation d...

🍽 Full Moon by Sprxme is a web application designed for dine in. Customer doesn't need to call and wait for waiter to come, just simply scan the QR Code that's pr...

二维码生成 /显示 / 下载

A combination of QR-Code and Identicon

AppsScript, Spreadsheet, QR-Codeを使った受付システムです。


Quiz application with QR code

QR code component for Vue3

Create your own QR code scavenger hunt.

A QR code component for Vue2.0

Web-based Yi action cameras live streaming QR codes generator.

A QR code scanner for npc's course sign in

[WIP] Web Apps (Generate QR Code, Table of Contents from Markdown)

A Student Data Centre portal built using Vue.js, with added QR-code scanning for data.

Contact sharing app (Sqlite version) using QR codes created with vue.js and nativescript



Tracer - Private Virus Tracing via a App (PWA) and QR-Codes. It uses UUID and a global database with no personal data...

Contact sharing app (LocalStorage) using QR codes created with vue.js and nativescript

ĐOor opens doors at events that are anchored on the Ethereum blockchain. Bouncers scan your dynamic QR code to verify that you're a registered ticket owner....

QR Coder - A plugin for generating and inserting QR codes into Figma

1922 簡訊實聯制 - 生成工具 | 本工具可以讓店家/場所自訂簡訊可修改的部分,並且會生成頁面網址、各種海報樣式和兩個 QR Code 版本 (分別是 "頁面 QR Code" 和 "簡訊 QR Code")。...


This web application scans vaccination, test and recovery certificates in QR code representation and generates an Apple Wallet® pass from it...

Scan your vaccination, test and recovery certificates in QR code representation and save them to your Apple Wallet...

Generador de códigos QR con JavaScript y Buefy

QR code 4 wifi (QR code for wifi) allows you to print QR code to connect to the wifi. Tap it on the fridge, the door or the desk to ease your guests' life...

A Web application for generating QR Codes for web links / websites with Vue & Flask

A simple Directus 9 Display extension. Allows to display and download QR-Codes.