Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for resources

A curated list of resources for devs and designers. Join me on if you are up for a chit chat :)...

⌨️ A curated list of Open Source Mechanical Keyboard resources.

A collection of Design System examples, resources, tools, articles and videos.

Helping you manage your job hunt by tracking leads, applications, and your CV resources

A hand-selected collection of modules, plugins, boilerplates, tutorials, inspiration and more for Nuxt.js....

VueBLR Meetup Resources, Requests & Proposals

A design system including principles, Vue components and resources

This package allows you to apply any of your existing Laravel Nova filters to your cards in Dashboards or Index and Detail view of your nova resources....

A Home for Cryptorado Community Resources

👨🏻‍💻 Dev resources reviewed by NetFree!

Nuxt js Laravel Authentication Tutorial With Example is the today’s leading topic. We use Nuxt.js as a frontend and Laravel as a backend. We create an API to that...

Tools and resources for the Snowglobe protocol.

This Laravel Nova package allows you to sort Nova resource's index view and assign locales to resources...

Cool UX Tools is a curated list of (obviously) cool resources and tools for developers, UX researchers, designers and project managers....

A Nova Field for adding or creating new resources with belongs-to relationship.

Events and resources for Lansing coders

Repo to my blog post about organizing and decoupling API calls/resources in Nuxt.js

Landing page of the Game Boy development community

🚀 Example projects and code to help you get started with Commerce.js

Quento’s suite of tools helps students work together to use, create, and share academic tools and resources...

Resources for being quarantined

Resources for VueBLR's Vue.js: Zero to One workshop

Adds a text filter component for resources and lenses.

:fire: A curated list of awesome design resources for web developers

Microsite for links and resources how to kick-start your own, self-hosted place for publishing online. Simple, static-site, and beyond WordPress....

⚕️👩‍⚕️ Tools, Image Loaders, Learning Resources, and more for #CornerstoneJS

A collection of useful domain and marketing resources

Resources for demo purposes, sharing and future reference

Create links to internal or external resources.

Resources for Frontend Masters Workshop: Production-Grade Vue

Inline Text Field for Laravel Nova Resources

Bitcoin resources (meetups, books, wallets, podcasts, conferences and much more)

A Laravel 8 package to easily switch TailwindCSS resources generated by Laravel Jetstream and Breeze to Bootstrap 4....

FHIR Search Interface & Flatten FHIR resources into CSVs/DataFrames using FHIRPath.

Landing page of the Game Boy development community

A community managed site for Cardano Catalyst. Aiming to gather resources and serve as an information hub for the community...