Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for scroll

⚡️ Blazing fast scrolling for any amount of data

:beginner:A simple, seamless scrolling for Vue.js vue无缝滚动component

Lightweight and simple to use vue component that highlights menu items as you scroll the page, also scrolling to target section when clicked....

A Vue.js plugin that affixes an element on the window while scrolling based on a relative element

Vue component to easily setup scroll-driven interactions (aka scrollytelling)

基于vue2.0实现的滚动条插件。scroll component for vue2.0

A vue plugins based on better-scroll

scrollbar for vue, depend on perfect-scrollbar(

The Simplest Pretty Scroll Area Component with custom scrollbar for Vue 2.

The virtual responsive crossbrowser scrollbar component for VueJS 2x

❗❗ vue.js仿微信聊天界面展示组件(可滚动加载)。A WeChat chat display component.

A Back-to-top component for Vue.js, which scroll page to the top when clicked

📜 Vue.js + Stroll.js. Awesome CSS list scroll effects for Vue2.x.

💇‍♀️ 简洁易用的/渐进式的 vue 移动端滚动组件,仿QQ的下拉刷新和上拉滚动无限加载体验

The Simplest Scroll Area Component with custom scrollbar for Vue Js.

A Vue component to create tables with vertical and horizontal scrolling. Flexbox-based.

🎁A super easy to use infinite scroll component.(Vue component)

a good vue-image-scroll component!

Scrolls a image slower than the window to create a neat optical effect.

这是一个有瀑布流的vue项目,技术栈:vue2 + vue-router + vue-cli2 + vue-axios + better-scroll + sass + flex布局 + es6 + eslint + webpack + hotcss 欢迎star...

Minimalistic but perfect custom scrollbar component for Vue.JS

table enhancement with the thousands of data rendering: add requestAnimationFrame and virtual scroll enhancement...


A scroll loading component for vue.js.

Customizable progress bar at the top of the page that shows the scroll progress

A vue plugin for nesting scroller ,you can use it to expand more components such as banner,date-piacker and so on....

一个 VUE 组件:子元素 scroll 父元素容器不跟随滚动(兼容PC、移动端)

A Vue directive to lock the body scroll without stopping the target element from scrolling.

Scroll to page top button, Vue.js component.

Smooth scrollbar for Vue.js projects

Simple starter kit to use Locomotive Scroll and Nuxt without giving it a second though.


mobile date picker like ios scroll

Ionic 4, Vue, Tailwind CSS demo app showcasing different layouts: list, list with virtual scroll, grid, cards, widget slider, modal...

Smooth scrollbar for Vue.js projects

A Vue 3 component that can render a list with 1000+ items as a grid in a performant way.

A super simple Vue component that allows fullscreen and horizontal scroll snapping.