Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for validation

Jackblog vue 版, 个人博客系统, 使用 vue2, vuex, vue-resource, vue-router, vee-validate, vue-toast 等.

A simple yet flexible validator library for vue.js

Vue form components with server-side validation in mind

Clean & minimal vue form elements and form builder with validation

The Source Code of Vue.js form validation tutorial.

Laravel Nova array items field with sorting & validation

Interactive Vuetify Form Generator with Validation & Input Styling 🎉

A customizable number input spinner component for Vuejs with character validation and min/max values

A vue2 component that helpers to easily create basic forms with automatic insert and update events, and automatic reactive validation....

A Vue.js background manager scaffolding base vue.js(1.0.x) + Semantic UI + vue-router + vue-loader + webpack + vue-resource + vue-validator + vuex...

Simple Implementation of Multi Step Form in Vue JS along with Validation with Vee-Validate

Credit card number validation using Luhn algorithm

👜 A Provider Component that encapsulate your forms and handle their states and validations.

CircleCI 2 workflow validation and visualisation

A keyboard of input with validator, for: numbers, telephone, IDs... 以数字为主的键盘模拟组件,且内置有效性验证,优化输入互动逻辑,提高用户的输入效率。...

Application for registering employee entries with the possibility of generating reports, validating and storing users with minimal effort....

Vue.js 2 form component that integrates jQuery Validation and Axios.

A Laravel Nova field that validates for uniqueness while typing through an AJAX request, instead of on-save in Nova....

A simple VueJS Step / Form Wizard plugin with Validation Support.

ToDo List sample app based on Vue + Vuex + Vuetify + Vee-Validate

This component is a form with validation and more using only javascript objects

Vue scan field: Automatically generate forms and validation based on your backend models

Schemer is a database design tool that allows for database design and generation on the fly. The interactive visual interface lets you setup tables, column validat...

Webpac and Vue JS2 Form Validation

The official 0xcert Verifier website

Ajax Laravel Validator for Vue

My POC for form validation talk best practice

a lib about table with validate base on element-ui

Bashplate generates bash script boilerplate code for option parsing and validation

Plugin for Nextcloud and ownCloud to create hashes of files.

File selector with validation that supports drag-n-drop for @vuejs

CRUD operations and form validations using Vue and Bootstrap-Vue. Table sorting, filter, search and Pagination are implemented with localStorage. I’ve prepared thi...

A set of Vue components to rapidly build forms with Tailwind CSS v2.0. It supports validation, model binding, includes default vendor styling and is fully customiz...

方便你在 element-ui 项目中使用 vue-formulate 的一个插件