Top Vue Frameworks & Libraries for web workers

A minimal example of a Web Worker in VueJS (Vue CLI 3)

Just playing around with web workers and nuxt - nothing serious - ever

A starter code showing how to use web workers with Vue js

An exercise in large datasets, Web Workers, and rendering large lists

Calculating Fibonacci numbers using Web Workers and Vue, Service Worker, ChartJS

example vue app using workerize-loader

A Vue component to use web worder in a simply way

Simple promise based Web Worker implementation in VueJS

Web site of Anaxos company - Management for entertainment workers

WebApplication to calculate the payroll and assistance of workers at the family farm


Studying and practicing how to create beautiful websites. :construction_worker:

Try web worker in vue-cli 4 based TypeScript project

Mastermind using SVG, Vue.js and a web worker

This is a web application for managing patients, medical workers and making appointments in a clinic center....

Vue.js app that uses a Web Worker to make a Web Socket Echo test

Reproducing a bug when following the nuxt web worker example with nuxt 2.8.1

A simple web worker test in Golang and with Wails framework

[UNFINISHED, UNMAINTAINED] Frontend for a DnD-flavoured event planning web app written in Vue.js, making use of JWT Tokens for login and service workers for offlin...

VueJS project with an example of using web worker with comlink-loader

An app to make web worker orchestration a thing.

NuxtJS Proyect. Website for St. Joseph The Worker Church.

A simple web worker on Vue 3 and Typescript. I have forked this project from All I have done is converting from Java...

Simple util function to run javascript functions to an exernal Web Worker

Demo: Getting started with web workers in Vue

Web app for hiring workers.

🌈Mineway admin panel, manage your worker easily !

An example of communication between Web Workers using Transferrables and Protocol Buffers