Asset management for Python web development.


Asset management application for Python web development - use it to
merge and compress your JavaScript and CSS files.

Documentation: |travis|

    Since releases aren't exactly happening on a regular schedule, you are
    encouraged to use the latest code. ``webassets`` is pretty well tested,
    so as long as the build status icon above remains a reassuring green,
    you shouldn't run into any trouble.

    You can `download a tarball`__ of the development version, or
    install it via ``pip install webassets==dev``.

For development, to run all the tests, you need to have at least Java 7
installed (required for example to run the Google closure_ filter).

    1. Install Python requirements (preferable in a virtual env)::

               $ pip install -r requirements-dev.pip
               $ pip install -r requirements-dev-2.x.pip

    2. Install other requirements::

               $ ./requirements-dev.sh

    3. Run the tests::


__ http://github.com/miracle2k/webassets/tarball/master#egg=webassets-dev

… _Google closure: https://github.com/google/closure-compiler/wiki/FAQ#the-compiler-crashes-with-unsupportedclassversionerror-or-unsupported-majorminor-version-510

… |travis| image:: https://secure.travis-ci.org/miracle2k/webassets.png?branch=master
:target: http://travis-ci.org/miracle2k/webassets