Double weave on high latency, and mishmash of modding tools - especially for fonts and internationalization for Final Fantasy XIV.


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    • I accept issues in English, Korean (한국어), and Japanese (日本語).
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Latency mitigation and a bunch of modding tools mixed into one giant mishmash of a program.

Mitigate lags

Connection Image
Korea to NA DC
VPN only
Before GIF
Korea to NA DC
XivAlexander enabled
After GIF
Korea to Korean DC
Direct connection
After GIF

This add-on will make double (or triple, depending on your skill/spell speed) weaving always possible.
No more low DPS output just because you are on high latency network. Read how does it work.

Use XivMitmLatencyMitigator instead if you’re on
Mac OS, Game Consoles(PS4/PS5), or want to apply this solution to a custom VPN server running on Linux operating system.

Please keep your offensive actions on cooldown, or you still are a deadweight, and XivAlexander cannot fix that.
XivAlexander helps with weaving oGCDs; it cannot help if the player isn’t pressing buttons to begin with.
Need help on how to play DoW/DoM roles? The Balance can help you.

tl;dr press the damn buttons

Apply mods easily

Example mod menu
Install mods by drag-and-dropping TexTools ModPack files, and configure if a ModPack requires it. Enable/disable mods without restart.
Read how to apply TexTools ModPacks.

Feature for language learners

English text with Japanese text
Learn Japanese while playing Final Fantasy XIV. Or the other way - learn English if you’re a native Japanese speaker.
Or, quickly figure out what is an item called in other languages, or how would autotranslate feature show a phrase in a
different language.
Read how to do this.

Use alternative fonts

Data Center Selection screen in Comic Sans
Play Comic Fantasy XIV.
Read how to replace fonts.

Also, this can be used to use characters that are not natively supported by the game (Use Chinese or Korean characters in International client.)
Except for right-to-left languages, which the game probably doesn’t support at all.

Upgrade music quality

Enjoy game background music in higher quality.
Read how to do this.


It does not matter whichever you run - XivAlexanderLoader32.exe or XivAlexanderLoader64.exe.

  • Portable 1: Run the game if it isn’t already running, run XivAlexanderLoader32/64.exe, and follow the instructions.
  • Portable 2: Run XivAlexanderLoader32/64.exe, and log in using the official launcher.
  • Installation: Autoload XivAlexander when you launch the game in whatever way. Compatible with Reshade and stuff.
    Read how to install and uninstall.


  • This project uses vcpkg to import dependencies.
  • Make Certificate.pfx and CertificatePassword.txt in Build directory.


Apache License 2.0