Top JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries for functional programming

EventStream is like functional programming meets IO

[not actively maintained!] A standard library for functional programming in JavaScript

The minimalistic but powerful, modular, functional reactive programming library in JavaScript.

ESLint rules for functional programming

Bring functional reactive programming to Redux using Cycle.js

a functional programming library for javascript. an experiment in elegant JS.

A functional programming toolkit for JavaScript.

Serious functional programming library for JavaScript.

A JavaScript library built to encourage a functional programming style & strategy. -

Code Samples Functional Programming in JavaScript, Manning 2016

Functional is a library for functional programming in JavaScript. It defines the standard higher-order functions such as map, reduce (aka foldl), and select (aka f...

Clio is a functional, parallel, distributed programming language.

A simple, functional-biased, prototypal and powerful programming language that runs on any ES3 (or better) JavaScript platform, aimed toward people new to programm...

A fool's scriptum on functional programming

functional reactive programming for JavaScript

A functional JavaScript library that facilitates currying and point-free programming

Intro to Functional Programming Workshop

practically functional programming workshop

Functional programming and category theory for everyday JavaScript development

Visual automata-based programming in functional JavaScript

Functional Reactive Programming Library for JavaScript

Introductory lessons to functional programming in JavaScript

Most.js based middleware for Redux. Handle async actions with monadic streams & reactive programming....

A ClojureScript-based HTML5 Canvas and SVG Graphics Playground, much like but specifically for showcasing small ClojuresScript code demos: The...

Lightweight curried functional programming library

Functional programming date manipulation library

My personal exercises from Kyle Simpson functional light book.

A list of small & fun functional programming exercises in JavaScript

The Purr programming language — a small, portable functional language for writing highly concurrent web servers....

tiny (2.7kb) functional programming library using native es5/6 operations

[a]synchronous functional programming

Zero overhead functional programming library for projects using babel-plugin-macros.

😴 Functional programming with lazy immutable iterables

Common Functional Programming Algebraic data types for JavaScript that is compatible with most modern browsers and Deno....