Top JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries for image processing

High performance Node.js image processing, the fastest module to resize JPEG, PNG, WebP, AVIF and TIFF images. Uses the libvips library....

An image processing library written entirely in JavaScript for Node, with zero external or native dependencies....

基于HTML5的专业级图像处理开源引擎。An image processing lib based on html5.

📷 Image Processing Component for React

Low-Poly Image and Video Processing

JavaScript Image Processing Library

A lightweight browser-based image processing library

A post processing library that provides the means to implement image filter effects for three.js.

The Image Recognition and Processing Backend reference architecture demonstrates how to use AWS Step Functions to orchestrate a serverless processing workflow usin...

Make ImageOptim, ImageAlpha and JPEGmini part of your automated build process

computer vision, image processing and machine learning on the web browser or node.

:woman: Library for image processing

Label Objects and Save Time (LOST) - Design your own smart Image Annotation process in a web-based environment....

Filter.js: Video and Image Processing and Computer Vision Library in pure JavaScript (Browser and Node.js)...

Image (pre)processing with Sharp for Svelte

Flexible and efficient resize, rename, and upload images to Amazon S3 disk storage. Uses the official AWS Node SDK for transfer, and ImageMagick for image processi...

Image processing and manipulation in JavaScript

Javascript Image Processing Framework based on Marvin Framework

A digital watermark is a kind of marker covertly embedded in a noise-tolerant signal such as an audio, video or image data. It is typically used to identify owners...

Image Processing in javascript

a high performance image storage and processing module written by nodejs

A React component that applies image processing filters to an image using Processing

WebGL based image processing library

Image processing with WebGL.

Nextcloud OCR (optical character recoginition) processing for images with tesseract-js

Process images during the build step in your Nuxt.js app 📸

A lightweight REST API to access aerial image processing engines such as ODM or MicMac

A starter template for Node.js with OpenCV bindings. This project lets you to quickly prototype a REST API in a Node.js for a image processing service written in C...

WebGL setup for rendering multi-pass shader networks, optimized for complex texture/image processing

Better image downscale with canvas.

Unified UI and API for processing and training images for facial recognition.