Top JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries for media

A fast & lightweight polyfill for min/max-width CSS3 Media Queries (for IE 6-8, and more)

JavaScript HLS client using Media Source Extension

Self hosted streaming media server.

HTML5 <audio> or <video> player with support for MP4, WebM, and MP3 as well as HLS, Dash, YouTube, Facebook, SoundCloud and others with a common HTML5 MediaElement...

Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player ( Windows / Mac / Linux ) A Butter-Project Fork...

CSS media queries in react - for responsive design, and more.

A React component for playing a variety of URLs, including file paths, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, SoundCloud, Streamable, Vimeo, Wistia and DailyMotion...

CSS Element-Queries aka Container Queries. High-speed element dimension/media queries in valid css.

JavaScript library that can create animated GIFs from media streams, videos, or images.

Awesome Media Queries in JavaScript

A Node.js implementation of RTMP/HTTP-FLV/WS-FLV/HLS/DASH/MP4 Media Server

Cross-platform application to open any website or media in a floating window

A javascript library that lets you add stories EVERYWHERE.

matchMedia polyfill for testing media queries in JS

🌄 A mobile-friendly, highly customizable, carousel component for displaying media in ReactJS

Cross browser audio/video/screen recording. It supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge. It even works on Android browsers. It follows latest MediaRecord...

JW Player is the world's most popular embeddable media player.

The HTML5 Media Framework. (Unmaintained. See for activity)

The code samples for Learning React by Alex Banks and Eve Porcello, published by O'Reilly Media

RTCMultiConnection is a WebRTC JavaScript library for peer-to-peer applications (screen sharing, audio/video conferencing, file sharing, media streaming etc.)...

Library for embedding immersive media into traditional websites.

Contains hundreds of source code examples and related media for the Phaser HTML5 Game Framework.

Query your local network for Chromecasts and have them play media

Lazy load XT is a jQuery plugin for images, videos and other media

A module to do some logic on the `onscroll` event without performance regressions in a @media-query like conditions....

Enables <video> and <audio> tags in all major browsers.

A HTML/CSS/Javascript (NodeJS) based Media center

🌻 A lightweight plugin to embed emojis, media, maps, tweets, code and more. ✨

A 360° media viewer for the modern web.

API, CLI & Web App for analyzing & finding a person's profile across +900 social media \ websites (Detections are updated regularly)...

💅💍 Better media queries for styled-component

Node.JS Server and JavaScript/HTML Client for synchronizing online media

This is a code repository for the corresponding video tutorial. Using React, Node.js, Express & MongoDB you'll learn how to build a Full Stack MERN Application - f...

Shim for getUserMedia(). Uses native implementation for modern browsers and a Flash fallback for everyone else....

A multilingual react rich-text editor component includes media support such as texts, images, videos, audios, links etc. Development based on Draft-Js and Ant-desi...

Minimalistic media card for Home Assistant Lovelace UI

Create Your Own Broadcast Network With AVideo Platform Open-Source. OAVP OVP