Top JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries for package managers

A package manager for the web

Sandstorm is a self-hostable web productivity suite. It's implemented as a security-hardened web app package manager....

frontend package manager and build tool for modular web applications

the package manager for JavaScript

A next-generation package manager for the front-end

:iphone: React Native Package Manager

:package: Like npm, but faster - an alternative package manager for Node

JavaScript package manager - using a browser-focused and RequireJS compatible repository

package managers visualization

An open-source file manager released under MIT license. Up-to-date for PHP connector. This package is DEPRECATED. Now, please use RichFileManager available at : ht...

Brand new static package manager.

Installer & smart package manager for Meteor

:cake: The missing library manager for Android Developers

Yarn package manager website

A web app for browsing and installing Windows Package Manager apps.

The package manager for browsers

The minimal JavaScript package manager.

A JavaScript standard library, package manager, and more. [deprecated]

Native ESM Package Manager

Cockpit ZFS Manager is an interactive ZFS on Linux admin package for Cockpit.

Official TinyMCE repository for production usage in package managers

Advanced Package Manager for Elm

CommonJS Package Manager

Gatsby Package Manager (gpm) helps you install a Gatsby package with all of its dependencies.

A Decentral package manager for dApp development based on ethereum and ipfs

Packaging manager server for spm

yapm is a package manager for node.js (npm fork)

[DEPRECATED] A Font Package Manager built on top of Google Web Fonts and Node.js

a simple package (auto) loader for node.js apps which supports NPM or other package managers.

Package for recoil state manager to persist and rehydrate store

Force a specific package manager to be used on a project

🛠️📦 fynpo is a monorepo manager without the usual downsides.

GYP-based package manager