Top JavaScript Frameworks & Libraries for qa tools

Omnibug is an extension for Firefox and most Chromium-based browsers to ease implementing and debugging digital marketing tools....

A tool to make quick screenshots for multiple mobile devices of your web app in a couple of minutes.

Motorway QA tool for OpenStreetMap.

A tool to create personalized OpenStreetMap quality assurance feeds

Old version of the motorway QA tool for OpenStreetMap.

A lightweight Android app testing tool for QA professionals.

A GitHub Action for continuous integration testing with the googlefonts/fontbakery font quality assurance tool...

Quality Assurance Tools for Cityworks Server

A python-driven visual testing tool designed for QA teams

Free Visual Regression Testing Framework (CSS Testing or Image Comparison Tool) - Ready To Use

Basic tools to aide in the design, development, and QA of Carbon pages.

Organismo's Web Front End. Virtual Reality for Software. Tools for Programmers and QA Engineers.

Tizen - QA tools to launch test suites on a target device, fetch and send reports and edit test suites...

Provide a fast annotation-generate tools for vscode, work with QAManual

A suite of configurable tools for performing automated QA of SpringRoll games

Crowdin Script Editor is an open source development and debugging tool for Crowdin custom QA checks

Collection of free open source software testing tools with some links on how to use them

A new and easy way to make QA in your websites. The tool allow you to take screeshots in different browsers using your installed web browsers or you also can confi...

Enables browser and plugin spell checking ability within static website content. Simplifies QA workflows when no other tools or text source access are viable alter...

Provider some tools for android developer and QA

Flash Banner QA Tool (Ruby Gem)

All-in-one radiation therapy QC tool

Flash Banner QA Tool (Ruby Gem)

Accessibility testing tool based on pa11y

Awesome question and answer tool

A library of tools, resources, articles, and examples for learning about programming and test automation...

A query/restore tool for Arq Backup

QA Automator is Automation management tool on cloud platform for creating , executing and maintenance of the test scripts...

Automation practice project to create end to end automated tests for using automation library Playwright in combination with Jest....

Frontend of the QA Tool for Nominatim. Helps to improve the OpenStreetMap data quality and therefore the Nominatim search results....

QA and system monitoring automation tool.