Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for admin panels

Jet Bridge – Admin Panel Framework for your application

Simple System Monitoring in Django Admin Panel

An advanced multithreaded admin panel finder written in python.

[ Admin panel finder / Admin Login Page Finder ] ¢σ∂є∂ ву 👻 (❤-❤) 👻

Jet Bridge (Django) for Jet Admin – Admin panel framework for your application

Blazing fast admin panel finder with asyncio and aiohttp

A Python Script to find admin panel of a site

Wagtail mixin support for drag-and-drop ordering in admin panel

Admin panel for Google App Engine NDB models

Admin Panel for GinoORM - ready to up & run (just add your models)

Business rules plugin for Django. Allows users (customers or administrators) to setup business rules with html forms. Default layout is similar to django admin pan...

DJFiles is a simple Django app for manage static files of your project via admin panel.

A Python Script to find admin panel of any site

iRedMail Admin Panel (Open Source Edition)

⚡️ Heimdall is a tool aimed at getting the website admin panel using brute force with wordlist. ⚡️

Wagtail Meta Preview provides panels for previewing Facebook sharing, Twitter sharing and Google search results in the Wagtail admin....

A UI toolkit that extends Wagtail's admin list views and allows you to build custom filters, buttons, panels and more...

Django Admin File Wiget for Zappa based admin panels

Control Webfaction Control Panel email and mailbox settings via the Django Admin

This package used to send mass emails from Admin Panel.

Asynchronous Admin Panel Finder.

Simply adds a jquery ui to the admin panel

Website admin panel finder improved with Tor proxy.

A discord bot in python with an admin panel in Flask

🏭 (WIP) Tefact 低代码平台 无需任何代码即可生成H5页面、表单及管理后台 Low-code platform: Build your admin panel without code!...

This tool is design to find admin panel of any website by using custom wordlist or default wordlist easily...

A high-availability, load-balanced express.js + postgresql + redis + db admin panels template, powered by docker swarm....

Let's Snatch The Admin Panel Of Any Website In Seconds.

Magento admin panel brute force script

WordBrutePress v1.0 | WordPress Admin Panel Password Cracker [Brute Force]

This is made for Finding Control Panel of Website. This tools find easily websites admin/login. Please, don't misuse with this tools. Thanks...

This tool is design to find admin panel of any website by using custom wordlist or default wordlist easily and allow you to find admin panel trough a proxy server...

⚡️ Heimdall is an open source tool designed to automate fetching from a target site's admin panel using brute force in the wordlist. ⚡️...

Python MySQL Admin-panel Generator (MAGE), a Python Flask tool that helps you create a Python Flask CRUD system for any MySQL database in seconds....

The backend for Aurora Admin Panel

Easy & Advanced Websites Admin Panel URL Finder Python Script.

bruteforce the admin panel

4 distinct products in one: REST API, company's website, admin panel, native android drivers application...

A fully functional Auction website in Django. Connect any relational database also admin panel configured....