Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for data validation

Data parsing and validation using Python type hints

Python Data Structures for Humans™.

Lightweight, extensible data validation library for Python

CONTRIBUTIONS ONLY: Voluptuous, despite the name, is a Python data validation library.

Library for exploring and validating machine learning data

Python 3.5+ runtime type checking for integration testing and data validation

scikit-learn cross validators for iterative stratification of multilabel data

Python Data Validation for Humans™.

Data validation, serialization, deserialization & form rendering. 🔢

PySchemes is a library for validating data structures in python

A light-weight, flexible, and expressive pandas data validation library

80+ DevOps & Data CLI Tools - AWS, GCP, GCF Python Cloud Function, Log Anonymizer, Spark, Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Impala, Linux, Docker, Spark Data Converters & Valid...

Frictionless is a framework to describe, extract, validate, and transform tabular data.

🎓 deprecated general purpose python data validator

Lightweight data validation and adaptation Python library.

Tools for test driven data-wrangling and data validation.

A simple, fast, extensible python library for data validation.

Data modeling and validation Python library

XML Schema validator and data conversion library for Python

:sunny: A tool for validating data using JSON Schema and converting JSON Schema documents into different data-interchange formats...

A validation library for Pandas data frames using user-friendly schemas

Scikit-learn style cross-validation classes for time series data

Tough and flexible tools for data analysis, transformation, validation and movement.

Typical: Fast, simple, & correct data-validation using Python 3 typing.

JSON schema generation from dataclasses

Google's i18n address data packaged for Python.

Python library for class-based schema definition, object serialization and data validation

Form validation and data storage API

Data validator agains Splunk Common Information Model (CIM)

Incoming request data validation

FoLiA: Format for Linguistic Annotation - FoLiA is a rich XML-based annotation format for the representation of language resources (including corpora) with linguis...

Create a *de novo* alternative splicing database, validate splicing events, and quantify percent spliced-in (Psi) from RNA seq data...

This repository contains code to replicate results from the ICASSP 2020 paper "StarGAN for Emotional Speech Conversion: Validated by Data Augmentation of End-to-En...