Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for documentation

the only cheat sheet you need

A collection of full-stack resources for programmers.

Official repository for IPython itself. Other repos in the IPython organization contain things like the website, documentation builds, etc....

Project documentation with Markdown.

Fast image augmentation library and an easy-to-use wrapper around other libraries. Documentation: Paper about the library: https:/...

Launched in 2018 Actively developed & supported. Supports tkinter, Qt, WxPython, Remi (in browser). Create custom GUI Windows simply, trivially with a full set of...

Official documentation for the Raspberry Pi

Main repository for the Sphinx documentation builder

Swagger Documentation Generator for Django REST Framework: deprecated

TiDB/TiKV/PD documentation in Chinese.

The Modern And Developer Centric Python Web Framework. Be sure to read the documentation and join the Slack channel questions:

Open Event Project, Samples, Documentation and Artwork

Qiskit is an open-source SDK for working with quantum computers at the level of circuits, algorithms, and application modules....

Documentation and source code for PopClip extensions.

A website aiming to provide more accessible documentation for JSON schema.

PSLab Documentation and Experiments

Documentation repository.

Documentation and samples for ArcGIS API for Python

Helm Chart & Documentation for deploying JupyterHub on Kubernetes

A pluggable API specification generator. Currently supports the OpenAPI Specification (f.k.a. the Swagger specification).....

Literate-style documentation generator.

API Documentation for Python Projects

A curated list of awesome tools for Sphinx Python Documentation Generator

Official November 2019 Documentation for Tinder's API (wrapper included)

Your Project with Great Documentation.

The MongoDB Documentation Project Source.

This repo is the home of the official Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Subscriptions, and Scripting Technologies documentation for Microsoft....

Documentation for the angr suite

Selenium Python Bindings Documentation

Python coded examples and documentation of machine learning algorithms.

:snake: :arrow_right: :scroll: Auto-generate API documentation for Python projects

Sublime Text Unofficial Documentation

MySQL Connector/Python is implementing the MySQL Client/Server protocol completely in Python. No MySQL libraries are needed, and no compilation is necessary to run...

📚 Collaborative cheatsheets for console commands

Automated Integration Testing and Live Documentation for your API

YOLOX is a high-performance anchor-free YOLO, exceeding yolov3~v5 with MegEngine, ONNX, TensorRT, ncnn, and OpenVINO supported. Documentation: https://yolox.readth...

Python static typing home. Contains the source for typing_extensions and the documentation. Also hosts a user help forum....

Documentation for GitHub Copilot

Documentation for GitHub Copilot