Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for environment management

Barbican is a ReST API designed for the secure storage, provisioning and management of secrets, including in OpenStack environments. Mirror of code maintained at o...

Conda environment and package management extension from within Jupyter

The HashDist environment management system

An open source solution for cost management of cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Django application providing management commands to host Django projects in Windows environments

minimal directory and environment management system for collaborative creative projects

Twisted implementation of the Automatic Certificate Management Environment (ACME) protocol

Environment management framework

Python environment comparison tool

An Open Source VDI management solution to allow running virtual desktops in a RHEV/Ovirt environment seamlessly...

Environment management platform

beRi "beri environments for R installations" is an R environment, R installation, and R package management system for R...

Lightweight configurable environment management in Python

Borè is a collaborative web platform integrating Open Source popular Open Source solutions (eg. Joomla) with new components in different areas: - Document Managem...

VNF management system in NFV environments based on Openstack

Environmental device management system built for hundreds of entities, thousands environments, and millions of devices....

Project-level virtual environment management

Cross-platform environment management

Command-line tool for managing containerized development environments

Environment variable management

Distributed Git Workflow Management Tool - The Git Replacement for the "Awesome" PARSEC Environment

Autonomous management of Cloudsim Plus environment with use of DQN

This tool can be used for managing the REST APIs with different parameter and can be configured to exceute in multiple environment.All the APIs and its correspondi...

pycontrol is a set of python scripts that can be used to control a remote Windows pc or HTPC. Power management for idle systems is included. This is meant to be us...

IT Project Environment Management Framework

Some tools for management of ccie lab environment

Python Environment Management class for PyData NYC 2018

A complete data analysis and management environment for Apache Cassandra

Mobility management based on Fast Handover for PMIPv6 and MIH in SDN environment

A configuration management tool, similar to confd using Python and the Jinja2 templating language.

pyvenvwrapper is a small and lightweight set of Bash script functions, that enhance the use of Python standard library venv module for management of virtual enviro...

Conda environment and package management extension from within Jupyter

A Raspberry Pi camera system with a live video feed, motion detection system, H.264 mp4 recording capabilities and a storage management system with support for rem...

Design Reinforcement Learning environments that model Active Network Management (ANM) tasks in electricity distribution networks....

Semgrep CI is a specialized Docker image for running Semgrep in CI environments. It can either be used stand-alone or connected with Semgrep App for centralized ru...

Environment variable management

⚙️ Unified environment variable and settings management for FastAPI and beyond 🚀

Repository for portfolio management using Pytorch, SQLAlchemy and XArray. The management is done using the reinforcement learning algorithm "Soft Actor-Critic"....

A Python environment management tool based on Docker

A Slurm-based HPC workload management environment, driven by Ansible.