Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for interactive interpreter

bpython - A fancy curses interface to the Python interactive interpreter

The indiscriminate bicurious interactive python interpreter (bpython + ipython)

Sismic Interactive Statechart Model Interpreter and Checker

Simple interactive BASIC interpreter written in Python

An interactive Python interpreter for RoboFont.

Interactive Python interpreter over TCP for Tornado applications

A Python script to expose Python's interactive interpreter over TCP.

Placidity is an interactive interpreter with simple plugin architecture developed as a part of tutorial series focusing on testing related concepts....

Interactive Python interpreter that accepts remote connections.

kathaireo is an interactive interpreter for RDF operations.

Simple interactive Python interpreter for Gtk3/Python.

Interactive python interpreter for RV

An Algorithm Manager that allows you to develop, test, and run stock trading algorithms on Alpaca. The Python library includes buy/sell functions, historical dat...

Michael Foord's interactive interpreter

Tiny BASIC interactive interpreter with string support.

A Python-based interpreter for Quest interactive fiction games.

An RPC framework for interacting with a GDB python interpreter

Interactive interpreter for an object-capability programming language, written in Python2 using PyMeta...

A python tutorial with an interactive interpreter for casual web users to experiment with

Python built-in help documentation from the command line (without the interactive Python interpreter console)...

Python Interactive Fiction Interpreter

The interactive js interpreter for Keg

`python3 src/`

Used to wrap interactive fiction game interpreters to slack.

This series of Python scripts is written to demonstrate the use of the sys module (sys— System-specific parameters and functions). This module provides access to s...

The following scripts demonstrate the implementations of various Python modules. The modules explored include; bisect : Array bisection algorithm. This module pr...

An interactive BrainFuck interpreter

Colored Interactive Python Interpreter And Shell

A graphical interactive Python interpreter with module introspection.

Simpler Interactive interpreter

Codewars Kata: Simple Interactive Interpreter

An interactive python interpreter for your command line.

The Sign Language Translator (SLT) is an extremely important research topic, because of its capability to enhance the communication between the people who are han...

What is Python? Executive Summary Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built in data s...

This a utility script to help users organize their files without stress. It goes through a folder and checks all files and organizes them per type. Modules Used: s...

A set of text-based casino games, built in Python, that are designed to run on the command line or Python interpreter. This series contains three casino favourites...

Z-machine interpreter plugin for SimpleBot, play interactive fiction games in Delta Chat!

This repo builds a JupyterHub/Jupyter notebook server which offers an interactive C++ experience. The primary interface for this is through cling notebooks (cling...

42 school project which requires building an interactive mathematical interpreter