Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for internationalization

Web based localization tool with tight version control integration.

The official repository for Babel, the Python Internationalization Library

Rosetta is a Django application that eases the translation process of your Django projects

Easily translate "cheese omelet" into "omelette au fromage".

A declarative website generator designed for high-quality websites, with a focus on easy maintenance and localization....

Internationalized Domain Names for Python (IDNA 2008 and UTS #46)

Python implementation of Project Fluent

Django model translation for perfectionists with deadlines.


Google's i18n address data packaged for Python.

Internationalization and translation library. Mirror of code maintained at

A simple Django app to automatically translate the pot (.po) files generated by django's makemessages command using google translate....

Internationalization extension for SQLAlchemy models

Translatable model support for django-rest-framework

Apple genstrings command on steroids by adding merging superpowers

A small sample showing how to build an internationalized app with App Engine

Django bindings for 'fluent', a modern internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) solution

Speed up your Localization / Internationalization efforts by automating translation with a single script...

A library used for internationalization (i18n) duties related to translation.

Example for an internationalized Kivy application (poc)

Tools to help with internationalization and localization of Open edX projects

Store internationalized strings in Django models with full forms support

An example project that demonstrates local development, CI/CD and production setup for a full stack web application using Django, Django REST Framework, Django Cha...

Sublime Text 2/3 package for Rails Internationalization

🀄 The mobile app translation helper, writen in Python, used to manage and translate multi-languages cross platform. See the document for details :)...

Find Unicode (including Internationalized) domain squats.

this project mainly contain a python script for better internationalization of storyboard. As we know , ibtools can genstrings for a storyboard file ,but it will...

Translate XML with PO files using W3C Internationalization Tag Set rules

Internationalization library for Python

Python with training wheels: executable pseudocode in any language

Django models translation on fly

Weblate command line client

🀄 The mobile app translation helper, writen in Python, used to manage and translate multi-languages cross platform. See the document for details :)...

A package to easily translate po and pot files in any language supported by Google Translate.

Python3 implementation of PRECIS framework (RFC 8264, RFC 8265, RFC 8266)

pydantic-i18n is an extension to support an i18n for the pydantic error messages.

Translation plugin for Wagtail CMS