Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for permissions

Awesome Django authorization, without the database

Run programs on linux with selectively restricted permissions.

A Security Framework for Python applications featuring Authorization (rbac permissions and roles), Authentication (2fa totp), Session Management and an extensive A...

A tool to scan Kubernetes cluster for risky permissions

Tool to check AWS S3 bucket permissions

A tool for quickly evaluating IAM permissions in AWS.

A django app for role based permissions.

Permissioned Distributed Ledger based on Ethereum

Rules based permissions for the Django Rest Framework

Enumerate the permissions associated with AWS credential set

[Not maintained] An enhanced permission system which support object permission in Django

Complex permissions flow for django-rest-framework (

cancan is a tiny permission controller base on ruby cancan library.

🔐 API key permissions for Django REST Framework

A Django app that provides generic per-object-permissions for Django's auth app and helpers to create custom permission checks....

AWS Extender (Cloud Storage Tester) is a Burp plugin to assess permissions of cloud storage containers on AWS, Google Cloud and Azure....

Authentication, JWT, and permission scoping for Sanic

auth and permissions for aiohttp

Declarative access policies/permissions modeled after AWS' IAM policies.

Reusable application which provides a view permission for the existing models.

Flexible and scalable Django authorization backend for unified per object permission management

Automatically Build Multiple ML Models with a Single Line of Code. Created by Ram Seshadri. Collaborators Welcome. Permission Granted upon Request....

A simple permissions system for Flask

DEPRECATED: Simple role-based user permissions for Django.

Authorization tools for Flask

Simple and flexible permission control for Flask app.

An app to add object-level/row-level permissions to users and groups. Each model can have different permissions....

Permission management service

A Central Control Plane for AWS Permissions and Access

Automatically Visualize any dataset, any size with a single line of code. Created by Ram Seshadri. Collaborators Welcome. Permission Granted upon Request....

row level security for FastAPI framework