Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for science

Data science Python notebooks: Deep learning (TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe, Keras), scikit-learn, Kaggle, big data (Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, HDFS), matplotlib, pandas...

A computer algebra system written in pure Python

A curated list of data science blogs

common data analysis and machine learning tasks using python

A logical, reasonably standardized, but flexible project structure for doing and sharing data science work....

:rocket: Build and manage real-life data science projects with ease!

Toturials coming with the "data science roadmap" picture.

Democratizing Deep-Learning for Drug Discovery, Quantum Chemistry, Materials Science and Biology

DeepVariant is an analysis pipeline that uses a deep neural network to call genetic variants from next-generation DNA sequencing data....

Matplotlib styles for scientific plotting

A web app for ranking computer science departments according to their research output in selective venues, and for finding active faculty across a wide range of ar...

Mirror of the Sage source tree -- please do not submit PRs here -- everything must be submitted via

Operate and manipulate physical quantities in Python

PSLab for ExpEYES - Science Experiments and Data Acquisition for Physics Education

Repository for the CWL standards. Use for support 😊

Renders papers from arXiv as responsive web pages so you don't have to squint at a PDF.

For running psychology and neuroscience experiments

Python library for building highly effective data science workflows

Python+Numpy+OpenGL: fast, scalable and beautiful scientific visualization

Data intensive science for everyone.

ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for seismology/seismological observatories.

PYBOSSA is the ultimate crowdsourcing framework (aka microtasking) to analyze or enrich data that can't be processed by machines alone....

Reference implementation of a two-level RCN model

A stand alone, light-weight web server for building, sharing graphs created in ipython. Build for data science, data analysis guys. Aiming at building an interact...

Python Materials Genomics (pymatgen) is a robust materials analysis code that defines core object representations for structures and molecules with support for man...

Code for Kaggle Data Science Competitions

another book on data science

Winning solution for the National Data Science Bowl competition on Kaggle (plankton classification)

A Python framework for creating reproducible, maintainable and modular data science code.

A new kind of IDE for Data Science.

ruptures: change point detection in Python

MDAnalysis is a Python library to analyze molecular dynamics simulations.

Source Code for the Book Classic Computer Science Problems in Python

Brian is a free, open source simulator for spiking neural networks.

A Peer-to-peer Platform for Secure, Privacy-preserving, Decentralized Data Science

Supplementary Materials for Tshitoyan et al. "Unsupervised word embeddings capture latent knowledge from materials science literature", Nature (2019)....

Repository for the Astropy core package

该仓库用于记录作者本人参加的各大数据科学竞赛的获奖方案源码以及一些新比赛的原创baseline. 主要涵盖:kaggle, 阿里天池,华为云大赛校园赛,百度aistudio,和鲸社区,datafountain等...