Top Python Frameworks & Libraries for task queues

Distributed Task Queue (development branch)

Simple job queues for Python

Real-time monitor and web admin for Celery distributed task queue

a little task queue for python

A multiprocessing distributed task queue for Django

Python task queue using Redis

Mr. Queue - A distributed worker task queue in Python using Redis & gevent

Celery Once allows you to prevent multiple execution and queuing of celery tasks.

A simple distributed queue designed for handling one-off tasks with large sets of tasks

yotaq - Your Own Task Queue for Python

Odoo generic connector framework (jobs queue, asynchronous tasks, channels)

⚙️ Simple task queue for Python

Cloud Pub/Sub Task Queue for Python

Kale is a python task worker library that supports priority queues on Amazon SQS

Z task queue, a redis based async task queue for python. Moved to :

Python task-queues for Amazon SQS

Fast, Safe & Simple Asynchronous Task Queues Written In Pure Python

Retask is a simple task queue implementation written for human beings. It provides generic solution to create and manage task queues....

A database-backed work queue for Django

Minimal example utilizing fastapi and celery with RabbitMQ for task queue, Redis for celery backend and flower for monitoring the celery tasks....

distributed task queue for asyncio

[UNMAINTAINED] A task queue based on the elegant python RQ but with a django postgresql backend.

A simple task queue implementation to enqeue jobs on local or remote processes.

A lightweight task queue for Django using RabbitMQ

Asynchronous message queue consumer and scheduler

Broker-less Python Task Queue

PostgreSQL-based Task Queue for Python

AintQ Is Not Task Queue - a Python asyncio task queue on PostgreSQL.

A distributed task queue with asyncio and redis

AintQ Is Not Task Queue - a Python asyncio task queue on PostgreSQL.

爬虫监控及可视化 ( Prometheus and Grafana ) Building a crawler with distributed task queues (Celery) and fetching data with a reliable monitor system....

asynchronous task queues using python's multiprocessing library

PostgreSQL-based Task Queue for Python